Buy behind the crowd a new round of war

Sun Mu is a junior student at University of Science and Technology Beijing, a few days ago, he was busy collecting food online, and now found a new fun – buy.

said sun wood, now he has been suffering from a severe obsessive-compulsive disorder before the twelve day group purchase, began on tenterhooks, time, could not wait to put the group purchase website again, the original price of 1029 yuan photo. The price as long as 89 yuan; the original price of 178 yuan package, now spend 59 yuan can eat…… "A fresh low in front, I’m afraid for who can not be perfect." Sun Mu said with a smile.

The performance of

Sun Mu, is now fashionable as the "group of slaves", the word describes those who buy the recent online low discount merchandise, but unknowingly be tired of being bought. Recently, the network popular with a typical "slave" Miss Wang’s story, from the beginning of May 7th, the first attempt to group purchase, development, after 44 days, she had the group purchase 22 times, spent 2804 yuan, the original price 14167 yuan of goods group purchase.

but after the joy of the value of consumption, a lot of "slave" began to feel the change of life.

Sun Mu found that he was suffering from obsessive-compulsive disorder, another group purchase, Miss Tang more depressed, because too much of the group purchase prize, she doesn’t even remember what they buy, now she is even more of a job, seize the time consumption has been group purchase goods and services, but also to co-ordinate arrangements, careful coupons expired.

even so, used to buy the group of slaves who, or will be like sun wood as soon as a time, they can not wait to see the major group buying site again.

"slave" Crazy "behind group purchase may lead to indigestion, group purchase website is barbaric growth, the rapid expansion of the" hundred regiments "or" thousand group war "will blow a bubble has become another major concern.

as an exotic, group purchase website has experienced a rapid development of a miracle in China, since the full network in January this year to March group purchase activities, Fanfou founder Wang Xing founded the U.S. mission network officially launched, group purchase sites such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain, to June has surged to 399, hundreds of group purchase site seems to be quickly set up overnight quickly, and cultivate a group of so-called "group of slaves, development and profitability.’s group purchase website rice network, in June 23rd this year to 40 yuan in the summer to enjoy the double value of the original 176 yuan! Jackie Chan Yiu Lai international studios package "earned 150 thousand of the purchase, a domestic group purchase miracle in the history of the 7 day high, won the championship in the first half of the income. And who did not expect, at this time of glutinous rice network, just a young team with more than and 20 people working team.

invested thousands of yuan, can do a group purchase website at the same time, pay first, then the consumer business model group purchase website uses, the short term can bring circulation of capital flow, it also gave a lot of cash strapped businesses.

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