Do not make money platform P2P industry where is the way out



P2P this model, in foreign countries, has a mature model, but it was introduced into China’s road is not smooth. P2P was introduced into China in 2007, until the end of 2011 began to suddenly force, into the second half of 2012 before the real significance of the outbreak into the stage.

why the last two years suddenly glow?

1, the platform has played an important role in security.

earlier, pat loans involved in the first line of P2P business, but let investors own risk is very difficult to obtain the potential customer recognition, which is why a pat on the loan is very difficult for the reason to start (later in other platform of enlightenment, it has changed the strategy, really ushered in the development of the spring). Then each platform launched a security mechanism, whether the introduction of Guarantee Corporation, or guarantee their platform, but as long as investors have the premise of safety, members of the fired up.

in fact, through the practice of nearly two years, this pattern is more and more recognized by various platforms, and even a lot of platform and therefore have established their own Guarantee Corporation to take this role.

2, the completion of the market cultivation period.

As the year of the

small loan business, the first few years, even if there is a security principal, UA, several China small loans in fact the start-up of small business loans, but not too many institutions and customers know, but the market work more in no shape in come, provide a reference sample for practitioners and investors later many.

P2P platform also experienced the process, especially in the last one or two years, such as peer-to-peer lending, venture capital Hongling, Sheng Rong online have completed the work of education and inspired the first investment group, this is a very good market for other platforms and membership development quickly follow cultivation.

3, the initial financial environment.

with domestic inflation pressures continue to increase, on the one hand, residents in the rapid accumulation of wealth, increasing the value of the assets on the one hand, there is a real demand in recent years, major banks have also set up private banking department and specialized financial department is to meet this demand.

strong financial needs, but very narrow financial channel. The stock market has Chinese bear market for many years, even if the bull market has not seen how many investors earned money; property investment threshold is very high, the purchase of the policy in the increasingly stringent credit limit, I believe many people have been afraid to get involved in this market, the risk is too large; the banking market is a single product, long term interest rates low and the financial income of less than 5% years of products can not afford too many people.

in this financial environment, if there is a simple investment, security, high return products >

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