Li Shanyou entrepreneurship is like mountain climbing cool 6 year will be listed

the evening of July 27th, in a hotel in the city of Hohhot, cool 6 network held a huge celebration of the anniversary, Liu Xingliang was fortunate to be invited to attend. During the festivities, passionate speech is the most impressive Li Shanyou, was infected with human presence in many people, passionately, HR who seems there are still a lot of advantage. Later in the bathroom, hear the interaction of the two little brothers Cool 6 excited: "follow Li Zonggan, right", "turn a few small companies, and now finally found the way".
then began to "venture like climbing" theme demonstration. The main points are as follows:

1, everyone likes to climb mountains, climbing step by step need to climb, entrepreneurship is the same, need to step by step up;

2, climbing very hard, entrepreneurship is also very hard;

3, up to a certain point, looking back, will be filled with a thousand regrets. Entrepreneurship is also the same. 1 years ago, Li Shanyou’s team was opened, the people came to the two or three gun, and now, cool team has reached more than and 130 people, and with the Shanghai branch, Guangdong branch of the company, the company has reached a total of 6.

4, entrepreneurship is like climbing, the exact point is Taishan, Huashan. There is often a tendency to give up on a steep mountain, but there is often a belief that you can support it. Li Shanyou’s belief is that he can not be sorry to go with these brothers, he would like to let the brothers to keep up with me, there is meat to eat".

5, entrepreneurship is like climbing, the more up, the more beautiful scenery. And, a lot of scenery is you unexpected.

6, entrepreneurship and mountain climbing, will make you change. Li Shanyou said, a year ago, cool 6 is a chicken chicken, but now is not the chicken chicken, is a big chicken, one day, cool 6 will become eagle.

a year ago, Li Shanyou himself took out 200 million business, began to dream of the journey in the dongran village a dilapidated two storey building. It can be said, cool 6 is the last to enter the video site industry. "In this year, we have encountered unprecedented difficulties, because the funds can not be in place, we have a shortage of funds, and some colleagues because of this or that reason to leave." "When we were on the line last year, we held a celebration at the hotel. There were only more than and 30 people." Cool 6 has been from the DFJ melt into the tens of millions of dollars of investment, the global web site Alexa ranking >

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