Chinese nternet catfish Zhou Hongyi bigger fight with the giant

Zhou Hongwei

lead: never give up, always have the courage to challenge the 360 giants, Zhou Hongyi is not aggressive, but 360 companies believe in "user education".

Economic Observer Yang Yang / Wen December a night, the lights. In a conference room at the headquarters of the international electronics building, next to the 798 Art District in Beijing, Zhou Hongyi sits in an inconspicuous seat, listening carefully to people who are not related to the product.

this is a Qihoo 360 (NYSE:QIHU) will be the internal Tucao product is Tucao, 360 secure browser version. At the moment, the atmosphere in the meeting room has reached a peak, many employees do not work in the relevant departments or sit or stand, pointing to the product team people complained about their dissatisfaction:

now 360 browser is not smooth, how to make the user more smooth use of the user should not be able to load the case, so that the product can be automatically loaded again!

another person is not satisfied with the current browser screenshot function, that the user experience and competitors of certain products, it is simply rubbish……

No matter how the problem of

Tucao fierce and nonsensical, browser product group of people who are unable to speak, even Zhou Hongyi could not speak.

such Tucao Zhou Hongyi will not know how many times. As long as there is time, he will listen to, and in accordance with their own understanding of the user to guide the direction of the product. In his view, a sinister giant siege in the external environment, the user is supreme is the only way to survive in 360, and around the building of enterprise culture to this point and fighting in the market, is a must.

Chinese Internet catfish

is a Qihoo 360, perhaps at present and in the future for a long period of time, the world’s most controversial company, the company would arue with today’s Internet Chinese’s two largest giant Tencent and Baidu in the industry, many small and medium-sized start-up companies are becoming the 360 allies.

as a Qihoo 360 founder Zhou Hongyi, is across multiple areas of the investment community, Internet security, Internet search and other senior figures.

China in the Internet industry, Qihoo 360’s image has always been competitors described as "spoiler"; but in Zhou Hongyi’s opinion, the 360 is more like Chinese Internet catfish.

2008, Qihoo 360 launched the free anti-virus software.

I think the security as an Internet based services, sooner or later is free, this is a big trend, not as good as their first free." Zhou Hongyi recalls, when shareholders have opposed, because it means the loss of hundreds of millions of anti-virus software revenue. I took them to see a "great cause of the founding of the nation," Mao Zedong said, "in the land of people lost, people are lost,"

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