Qu speed capital Yang Xuan more than and 20 years old how to invest yourself


name card: Yang Xuan, nicknamed bandits, warp capital founding partner. From the beginning of high school programming, made some achievements, the first job is an engineer, had been state-owned enterprises and foreign companies, because of a chance to enter the field of investment. The main cast of the project are: Tiger sniffing, real estate sales crown, micro film, car business (driving new media), know micro twenty project.

Yang Xuan recommended reason:

is the fastest growing twenties, when is your life achievement, what to do? Go to a big company to accumulate experience and experience, or go to a startup to a struggle? In fact, investment or investment, the investment of their time. I recommend an article, author Raj De Datta is the founder and CEO of the company’s annual creative company in the United States of America, I hope this article can be helpful to young friends BloomReach2014!

what is the most important thing you can do in your 20s to make a fortune, or to try to add a big company to your resume?.

as the start empty-handed entrepreneur Jimmy Ron (Jim Rohn, a prominent American commercial philosopher) once said: "time is our most valuable asset, but we are a waste of time, pass the time, and no time to invest."

invest your time wisely when you are in your twenties, and then you can start doing what you love as soon as possible, instead of wondering what you might like. So you should ask yourself the real question is: how will I know your maximum in limited time? Have a genuine interest in their will on what? Then you know what you need to achieve occupation target, know what they want to be.

for this problem – you shouldn’t work for a large technology company. Unfortunately, it’s not easy to do this. Large technology companies such as Google will be on campus recruitment, you may go directly to the school. The salary is good, the benefits look attractive (free food is available, and there’s a chance to see celebrities like Hilary Clinton or Bono), and the brand is very attractive. Many of your friends are also working in such a company, so to some extent, also formed a circle, there is social comfort. This kind of job opportunity looks like a clear step that will lead you to many other places.

The problem with

is that your learning curve is incredibly slow to grow. If you are an engineer, most of you will work for a large project, which is likely to have nothing to do with your business. If you are a product manager in a company like this, you won’t be faced with an important challenge like a real product manager (in the absence of any set of conditions) to create a product that is extremely good. If you are a salesperson, you will not know what you are doing

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