The rise of mobile social and vertical markets

venture capital institutions Mayfield Fund fund more than 3 billion U.S. dollars, the direction of investment, including cloud /SaaS, mobile, social, energy technology and big data. Its president Navin Chaddha recently on the development trend of the electronic market to talk about their views, we compiled the following for your reference.

vertical market rise: e-commerce market capacity is not big enough, eBay, Amazon, Taobao and other large e-commerce sites of winner. Vertical market for specific needs of specific groups of users will have their own living space, such as, etc..

: Amazon, globalization can not access global giant does not a strategic execution, there is when companies rely on local The climate does not suit one., customers of the business model can beat these giants. In China, Taobao has a market share of 65%, India’s Flipkart is also important.

subversion platform: like a new platform for mobile e-commerce as the old forces is a subversive force. Poshmark is an excellent example of the vertical of the women’s fashion store simplifies the user to choose and buy goods experience, let the user a few clicks to fashion items in the closet, anyone can directly through telephone shopping. Easy on the shelf (via cell phone camera) plus browsing simple (similar to the Instagram but specifically for shopping), these are the characteristics of this group of targeted clear new platform.

online / offline Market: offline mode has begun to subvert the online market. Smart phones, the ubiquity of the Internet and the rapid expansion of local, such as Groupon and Yelp, make this possible. Craigslist has ruled over a period of time, but now the user needs to be more simple, more vertical experience, security and social identity is also a lack of the kind of market. In other words, in addition to mobile / online products, but also need a high degree of localization, excellent operating experience, which is not easy to do. Examples of this include transportation in the field of Uber and Zimride Lyft, the personal services sector of TaskRabbit, express Postmates, and the real estate rental Airbnb.

therefore, there are still many opportunities to create a market model, change the rules of the game company. With the rise of Web socialization and mobility, today’s market is showing some of the characteristics of entrepreneurs should pay attention to. These features can be classified as "ACCESS" – Accessibility (accessibility), curatorial (curation), commerce (community), efficient (efficiency commerce), simplicity and symmetry (symmetry).

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