Xu Xiaohui at the beginning of the year the sale is for next year to prepare for overtaking

news December 19th, for its own brand of vertical business beginning yesterday sought to sell the news, the founder and CEO Xiao Hui said a NetEase to sell technology, first is to prepare for the next corner overtaking. Xu Xiaohui said that the financial financing alone is not sufficient to support the next year to break the vertical electricity supplier, and therefore seek strategic financing or wholly-owned acquisitions.

in addition to the capital support, can provide a large channel platform, traffic and other resources to support the first moment is seeking buyers, which indicates that the initial moment has been involved in the eyes lock in the basic e-commerce giant.

Xu Xiaohui explained the reasons for sale at the beginning of the moment: own brand is the only way to vertical, next year’s electricity market competition will become more intense, the vertical electricity supplier is expected to turn overtaking, if not ready, you will miss the opportunity of rapid development.

electricity supplier analyst Li Chengdong made such a prediction: 2012 is the elimination of e-commerce channels, in 2013 it is the brand out of the year.

distance beginning second pen financing has reached a year long, Xu Xiaohui refused to disclose the amount of reserve funds, only said: "the first quarter of this year sales have reached tens of millions, cash flow is very healthy."

in the second half of 2011, the first time to disclose its average daily orders reached thousands of single, customer price of more than 200 yuan. At the end of the year, gross profit margin of 50%.

industry commentators believe that this year the overall capital poor environment, e-commerce industry bubble dissipates, beginning of the third round of financing is difficult to obtain a satisfactory price, the valuation is the second round of financing may even lower. Coupled with this year’s vertical electricity supplier competition, its own brand by the big electricity supplier platform squeeze, resulting in traffic, sales decline, in this case, the initial search for sale is no way".

electricity supplier analyst Li Chengdong believes that the weakness of its own brand electricity supplier is to get the user’s higher cost, lack of user viscosity, supply chain, capital chain is relatively weak. To solve these problems, the first moment has taken a series of measures, such as focusing on brand marketing, brand building culture, from customer service and maintenance service return customers, increase the storage fund, but they cannot let alone the first moment out of the winter.

in addition, Li Chengdong thought that serious problem lies in the positioning of the first moment, "small fresh" is only a kind of comes with style, rather than a particular crowd, "literary youth" preferences is hard to define.

but as a literary youth Xu Xiaohui still insist on their own views, he said: "small fresh" brand marketing methods, we can see that the promotion of Taobao store more and small fresh style, small fresh is more and more popular."

"if it is sold for the first time, it will continue to expand next year." Xu Xiaohui says so.


electricity supplier financing in winter: the beginning did not survive this winter

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