Business model network claims 100 thousand deposit can provide a star

opening an account receivable claiming to be a certain business model net network platform in Shenzhen, and the page is filled with giggle and flirt, scantily clad young woman from the pictures and video, "customer first look at the data link payment selection model of security contact mode, the website also claims to provide a star, star of reserve and the prerequisite is the need to pay 100 thousand yuan deposit, and needs to be marked as fast food" and "escort" or "long". What is the model business activity in the business model network.

Shenzhen police official said it would be on the business model website and similar network platform to conduct supervision and investigation, if found to exist in the event of such activities will be severely punished according to law.

taste of the model: Dress exposed transaction cover "recruitment model daily up to twenty thousand

reporter in this self proclaimed a certain business model network to see the vast majority of the home page of the site for a large number of young women from taking pictures and self occupied video, they are for customers to choose the business model". These photos and videos in the vast majority of women’s makeup, dressed in lingerie, swimwear and other exposed dress, posture and movement implied highly erotic sexual advances; even naked woman, from the private parts only with the site of LOGO board.

in the photos, video giggle and flirt women introduce themselves mostly ballerina, female students, occupation model, age and more concentrated in 20 to 22 years old, were marked height, weight, measurements and other personal data; their personal orders have a detailed description in the domain of limit, time schedule, ticket package travel expenses and other specific requirements.


web page displays a global model library can provide, including the north of Guangzhou and Shenzhen China more than and 10 large and medium-sized city and Hongkong, Macao, Canada and other regions of the "business model", can choose their area, stature, occupation; at the same time the site claims that the global recruitment models, actors, students part-time, day 3000 to 20 thousand yuan.

in addition to these photos, videos as evidence of the business model, the site also claims to provide a star, star of reserve, but the premise is the need to pay 100 thousand yuan deposit, and the need to identify the needs of "fast food", "escort" or "long".


website, customers get the membership model after contact, the site only in the first transaction, to ensure the safety of both sides, "after the customer can privately model and the transaction, not by us, enjoy life, you feel that the value of


from the "meat meat is hidden" business model of self promotion, to make an appointment in the Reds star, "fast food" and "escort" and "long-term" fuzzy option, to confuse the strong website "lifelong enjoyment", why the need to safeguard the safety of both sides the site did not account for the transaction. What is the content of trade secret, the whole process of reverie lianpian.

"safe" flow: first "payment" ""

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