[13] let your unspoken rule combat marketing products sold

1, [sales psychology unspoken rules 1]

2, [sales psychology unspoken rules 2]

3, [sales psychology unspoken rules]

4, five of the price [

] unspoken rule

1, not to offer, who died on first. 2, never accept each other’s starting conditions, who accept who suffer. 3, price must be lower than the other targets, not to kill is a fool. 4, the color of the political reform, so that the other side felt his asking price is too scary. 4, choose to be ready to leave, forcing the other hasty decision.

5, the most profitable character is persistent]

survey, new business in 80% to fifth telephone calls to negotiate in the same person. 48% of the sales staff lost their customer base after the first call. 25% gave up on the phone after a second call. 12% give up after third times. 10% continue to call. These do not give up the 10% is the most income people.

6, how to sell Black Pearl

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