Do you have the conditions to open dry cleaning franchise stores

you may also see the dry cleaning industry’s hot business opportunities, want to dry cleaning franchise stores. However, a good franchisee should have some basic conditions to open, so as to operate in the future so smooth. So, do you have the conditions to open dry cleaning franchise?

1, with a strong brand awareness, identity and bear the form of franchising operations and the headquarters of the company’s initiative to promote the concept of corporate culture, and to comply with the aunt Marie dry cleaning headquarters system operating standards. The laundry industry is a traditional industry, the technical requirements are not very high, we do not need to dry cleaners franchisee is a doctoral degree, only he has a strong brand awareness, recognition of the brand concept of aunt Marie.

2, join investors to operate their own or have the appropriate operating managers. The dry cleaning industry is a service industry, we need to service quality as the center, if investors do not have a lot of energy to take care of the shop, can not reduce the quality of service, we must find a competent manager to help you deal with the daily affairs of the store.

3, with sufficient investment strength, and have joined the chain of entrepreneurial enthusiasm. Laundry franchise is a long-term investment in the industry, no matter what the investment must have a certain payback period, so it should be reserved for some activity funds.

4, to join their own physical condition is good, but also to get the home of the consent of the family, in order to unite the store opened.

5, with (owned or purchased or leased) in line with the requirements of the operating conditions of the shop, open dry cleaners to choose the address can not be careless, you can contact with headquarters, to find a reasonable shop address.

6, have a good understanding of the service and strong interpersonal and communication skills, if there is a certain marketing experience to increase the turnover of laundry and customer development is more favorable. Aunt Marie is a professional laundry with traditional laundry is the biggest difference between the proportion of customers is slightly different, the traditional laundry is waiting for customers to come, professional laundry in order to increase the turnover, must be in accordance with the total production of the single marketing mode to develop the general customer group purchase group purchase customers, ratio should not exceed 50%, remained at around 30% more suitable.

7, perseverance, hard-working, have the courage to fight the spirit, and a strong financial governance ability. With a rational investment mentality, can objectively treat the investment and return, no pursuit of profits, and have a certain ability to bear the risk.

see the above introduction, I believe you need to open the dry cleaners have known conditions. So, do you think you have already opened the dry cleaning franchise these conditions? If you meet the above conditions, then do not wait, you can open a dry cleaning shop.


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