These three points to teach you to do a good job in the tea shop peer competition

as long as you are in the market economy people have to bear the competitive pressure of similar products, of course, how to do a good job in the competition between peers is a great knowledge. Here we will simply talk about this problem, the case of milk tea shop operators.

tea shop owner who is not still around several competitors and trouble? If there is still fantasy only own a tea shop good? Please patted his head clear: as long as there is a place of tea market, will attract competition to hand over, if a region is only a a tea shop that can explain the regional tea demand is. How to do a good job in the milk tea shop? How to do a big competition in the tea market? In fact, want to open a good tea shop, to circumvent the competitive solution, but should be difficult, in the competition to stand out.

these three points to teach you to do a good job in the tea shop peer competition

first, the extraction of customer opinion to grasp customer needs

there will be pressure to power, market competition pressures forced milk shop owner must find ways to improve their stores, do better to attract consumers. If you do not know where to start, the views of consumers is a good starting point. The opinions of the customers are very important, and the owner of the milk tea shop can collect their opinions to see if they really have a good enough place to do so, and then make proper improvement. Consumers like to compare the different milk tea shop, and finally choose the most satisfied with their own tea shop into the consumer. According to the tea market and customer satisfaction survey data, more rapid and accurate grasp of customer demand.

two, the competitors as their driving force

in contrast to the consumer, the owner also have to compare themselves and other stores have any gaps, and even earlier than consumers to find their own shortcomings, and then to be improved. Sometimes the gap is not a hard gap on the taste, but some details, such as the health status of tea shop stores, shop staff service attitude, etc.. These are places that can be improved immediately, the details of the deal will play a subtle effect. Sometimes the details do well will allow consumers to ignore the taste of milk tea, but more attention to the store environment of milk tea shop. Because the taste of the good or bad in itself is subjective feelings, feelings are affected by environmental changes.

three, for their own advantages of centralized propaganda

can apply. For tea shop owner, to understand their own and the surrounding stores in detail, from which to find their own advantages. With their strengths and weaknesses of others, can be very good to highlight their own. Wine is also afraid of deep alley, tea shop has an advantage but not out of the publicity, consumers will not know. In fact, consumers are very forgetful, do not do publicity for a while

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