Xiamen four projects selected major transportation projects


Xiamen as a coastal city, the city in the inland economy, has obvious advantages. However, in order to further promote the development of the local economy, the local 4 traffic constantly improve. The following four projects for us to understand.

, the national development and Reform Commission recently published the "plan" action for major construction of transportation infrastructure for three years 2016-2018 years, three years, the country will focus on promoting the 303 major traffic engineering project. Among them, a total of 4 projects closely related to Xiamen, including the Fuzhou Xiamen high-speed railway, Xiamen Metro Line 3, after the completion of these projects will further improve the transportation network layout, convenient for people to travel.

it is understood that the screening of major transportation projects are in line with the development plan, the urgent needs of reality, the conditions are ripe, conducive to long-term development. Xiamen is closely related to the four projects are: Fuzhou to Xiamen high-speed railway project, the new airport project in Xiamen, Xiamen rail transit line 3, Zhangzhou to Xiamen intercity railway project.

in addition, the province also has Fuzhou Metro Line 5, line 6, line 4, Longyan to Meizhou to Longchuan railway, Fuzhou airport expansion project will be on 2017, respectively, in 2018 to promote the construction of key. According to the Ministry of transport of previously published information, the 303 major projects of transportation infrastructure involving a total investment of about 4 trillion and 700 billion yuan, 4 projects in Xiamen and the total investment of over 150 billion yuan, involving a total investment of 289 billion 690 million yuan in Fujian.


Fuzhou to Xiamen high speed railway engineering

across the board 280 km of new railway, with a total investment of $54 billion 300 million. At present, the Fuzhou Xiamen high-speed rail along the site has been basically established, the project plan officially started at the end of December this year, is expected to be commissioned in 2020, then from Xiamen to Fuzhou, 50 minutes direct access to high-speed rail.

Xiamen new airport project

Xiamen new airport project is one of the largest investment projects in the transportation infrastructure of Fujian. Plans to build 2 long-distance runway, terminal area of 550 thousand square meters, as well as air traffic control, oil supply, airline base and other related facilities, the total investment of $59 billion 740 million. "13th Five-Year" at the end of the new airport in Xiamen is expected to be officially put into use.

Xiamen rail transit line 3

is closely related to Xiamen’s new airport project, it will assume the future of the new airport and the transportation task of the island of Xiamen, the entire project will be a new mileage of 38 km, with a total investment of $29 billion 700 million. Recommended

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