Venture capitalists to make recommendations for start up companies to do the terminator Market

is now a lot of start-up companies, how can the company has a long-term development is everyone thinking. The experience of our predecessors, we have a lot of help. Venture capitalists Marc  AndreeSSEn in an interview with Bloomberg financial Emily , Chang said, hoping to invest in their start-up companies gradually instill some lessons.

1. technology industry to self rejuvenation

Andreessen  for the first time in 1994 to Silicon Valley, after this period coincides with the PC era, the whole circle of science and technology investment outlook is not optimistic, the beginning, Andreessen believes that investment opportunities is almost nonexistent. But he believes that technology start-ups can revive, because he realized that the operation of technology companies and other companies completely different. "I found that Silicon Valley can be self recovery, self recovery, and it has never stopped," he said, "science and technology is always exploring to the new world, such as health care, real estate, education, financial services, transportation, etc.."

2. technology companies also have different


3. incredible founder / CEO

4. don’t spend too much money on

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