Xinjiang Corps trade unions issued 210 million loans each year to support entrepreneurship

at present, China’s border areas residents need to be able to achieve income and wealth. To this end, the Xinjiang Federation of trade unions to establish a self employment fund for workers to effectively support the financial support to help employees to start their own businesses, to achieve poverty.

for lack of funds, fewer workers entrepreneurial technology, not worry about sales opportunities, and other problems, with workers trade unions at all levels innovation demonstration project as the starting point, the construction of a number of "workers entrepreneurial market" and "workers start a street, relying on helping poor workers center platform, organize skills training, entrepreneurial guidance services. Through shares dividends, labor income and capable lead and other forms, solve the difficult problem of workers with high income.

to achieve precise helping out of poverty, but also need to understand the needs of the masses really urgent, from reality, develop business channels, help the masses to carry out innovation activities comprehensively, realizes the social goal of well-off society the.

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