How to do a good job in cigarette recommendation

in order to sell the product, as the owner, a lot of time naturally need to play a role in the promotion. In short, in the fierce competition in the market, in order to achieve satisfactory sales performance, in addition to the quality of goods, service and thoughtful, good sales skills to achieve a multiplier effect. So is cigarette promotion. In cigarette promotion, I always remember this sentence: not too cumbersome to promote. Over the years has accumulated a few tips to promote cigarettes, here to share with you.

improve their quality. As the saying goes: the enemy, victorious. The new cigarette companies before, I will carry out a full understanding of the cigarette, pay special attention to the understanding of its advantage is price or taste, etc.. This is the focus of the introduction to the customer. At the same time, I will understand the customer situation, analysis of customer’s psychological needs, promote according to their actual situation, such as the city of the taste of the product customer demand is higher, while the rural customers care more about price and benefits.

spare no effort to promote. The new cigarette market, we must speak more active, lip hyperactivity, enthusiastically told customers to new, and then introduces the new cigarette production, price, etc., and customers are advised to compare with the price of cigarettes. After the initiative to promote the introduction, although customers can not accept and buy one hundred percent, but after all, so that they know the new cigarette, maybe next time they will try to buy. Only in such a state of mind to promote, in order to expand the market, win back customers.

uses scientific display. As everyone knows, elegant display can bring beauty to the people. In my opinion, in addition to the display of cigarettes can also be good to hear or see, to increase sales by comparison: for example with the price of the best-selling brand and brand unsalable adjacent display, when the best-selling brand is out of stock, can guide customers to buy sales opportunities for brands, brand sales unsalable. For example, the high price and low price of cigarettes adjacent to the display, when the price becomes the main factor in the consideration of customers, customers can be timely to sell lower priced cigarettes.

How to buy

range. When customers face a variety of cigarettes with the same price, the feeling that there is no choice, I generally use the "two to one" skills to promote. For example on the customer said: "Hongta mountain" (hard classic 100) and "Double Happiness" (our hard gold) price almost, a taste of alcohol, another momentum is quite full, what do you need?" In fact, this method is to give customers a choice and the right to compare, so that it is within the scope of their own choice, which can effectively promote the success of the transaction. $page$

try hunger marketing". In my opinion, many people have such a consumer psychology: more consumer goods more want to buy as soon as possible. As businesses, we can take advantage of this fear can not buy the mentality to promote cigarettes. For example

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