nnovation and entrepreneurship community will be settled in Tianjin dark horse

is now the place in order to further promote entrepreneurship, have held a series of business activities, the construction of a series of business organization, the purpose is to promote people’s entrepreneurial enthusiasm, to achieve positive business objectives, promote people entrepreneurial activities.

"dark horse Tianjin branch plan was formally established in 15, and 50 projects, projects docking activities held on the same day. There are 10 projects in Tianjin local projects, the other 40 projects will be the headquarters of the dark horse screening projects in the country." Dark horse Tianjin branch responsible for project selection work Qi Fengqiang told reporters yesterday, the Tianjin branch has been set up to review group composed of experts and investors of the project, will be selected out of 10 local projects to participate in the roadshow in more than and 100 to declare the project. I am now looking at a smart health care project, the product is designed to a chip, placed in the watch, you can measure blood pressure and other health conditions, and timely alarm. I think this project is good, has been recommended to other investors to summarize the views of the branch, and ultimately decide whether it was shortlisted for the final roadshow." During the national day, Qi Fengqiang every day to see the project, up to 10 items a day to see the book.

the biggest innovation community horse will officially settled in Tianjin, in fact, is very important for the development of Tianjin, because it really can further promote the Tianjin City entrepreneurial activities, which eventually led to people’s entrepreneurial enthusiasm. < / recommendation

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