An idea made him rich

if you think this world is not fair, sometimes is the case, you may have a lifetime, finally didn’t even own a house and maybe you just happen to have an idea, your road to riches from the start, here Xiaobian introduce for you a magical journey to get rich.

and leave the bank account and payment within one month will give each other mail the rich ideas. Most Americans want to be rich and was immediately attracted, they found that there is investor Jerry support, was overjoyed. The poor boy’s bank account began to have the money to come in, there are people directly from the post office with a letter to the poor boy remittances. Remittances and letters from all over the country flock to the poor.

ad was less than a week, his account reached nearly about 2000000 of the remittance, and this number is increasing, the poor boy soon to become millionaires…… Jerry is also proud of his successful investment. A month later, the poor boy became the youngest millionaire in the United states. Many investors who buy ideas from him are looking forward to his reply, so that they have a chance to become rich. Then, all the people are invariably received poor boy’s reply.

They are

carefully opened the envelope and pulled out the letter slowly…… He.

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