How to operate the cake shop can earn tens of thousands of dollars

now on the market cake shop business is very hot, and the cake shop is also a very lucrative industry, a lot of people want to open a cake shop, then, how to operate the cake shop in order to earn 10000 yuan?

2012 years, China’s annual per capita consumption capacity of the baking market than many of our diet structure similar to the Asia Pacific countries several times lower, this data will undoubtedly leave a huge imagination for investors. Food experts believe that although the annual national bakery market capacity growth rate of nearly 30% in the western region, the growth rate even reached 50%, but compared with the baking industry in developed countries, Chinese this market has just started, there is still not a brand to lead Chinese market, so open cake shop has gradually become the popular trend of investment the.

And investment return analysis of

positioningThe success of

Price positioning />1. products

2. product price positioning and store decoration grades coincide, such positioning is conducive to brand building, suitable for high-end stores.

return on investment analysis

to a total investment of 70 thousand yuan in the cake shop as the reference object, the monthly expenditure is divided into: 1 rent 4000 yuan; 2 of product cost 4000 yuan; 3 staff wages 2000 yuan; 4 utilities 700 yuan; 5 of equipment costs 30 thousand yuan, equipment depreciation is calculated for 5 years, for a month about 1000 yuan.

site experience

1. ordinary cake shop, due to limited funds, first of all should be excluded from the bustling commercial street or a large community street facade.


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