Asian business leaders gathered in Chengdu new West innovation and development of new power

Chengdu in the name of kinds of Tianfu has played out, is not only a good business platform, is to attract a lot of good business projects, a lot of entrepreneurial resources and opportunities, attracted attention of many Vc firms.

3 31, "Tianfu venture · Jing Rong will enjoy creating — that western innovation Innovation Summit" signing ceremony of Asian innovation forum held in the new capital of enterprise. He Xin Chengdu Xindu District Party committee deputy secretary, mayor, founder technology point just opening speech. Chengdu City, Xindu District in charge of relevant departments attended the forum, at the same time, venture capital institutions, outstanding entrepreneurial platform, excellent project responsible person also attended the forum.

the signing ceremony, Xindu District People’s government, the top investment institutions and the "is about" outstanding project signed a cooperation agreement with the three party; Xindu District People’s government signed a cooperation agreement with the point of science and technology; science and technology point’s NODESPACE business incubator also signed into in Xindu District focus on building the innovation platform "bee valley".

31 PM, intelligent hardware competition in Asia, from the mainland, excellent Hard Suits Inc Chinese Japan, South Korea, Israel, India, Hongkong, Taiwan, Singapore and other countries and regions to debut, show Asian innovation strength.

the summit point is directly confirmed in Xindu, Xindu District management work, will help speed up the Xindu District and international innovation front collision, promote Xindu District management work to a new level; at the same time for the metropolis in the international arena, a comprehensive display of "new, in the" city image, modernization the internationalization of the new satellite city into a powerful vitality.



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