Enlightenment from the entrepreneurial atmosphere of France to China

is not only China in the booming development of entrepreneurship and innovation business in Europe, France is also a wave of entrepreneurship, now France has become the latest global entrepreneurship resort, received many national investors. Why is France so attractive?

in a short period of   24  within months, there have been   4  the NASDAQ (NASDAQ) French company   IPO (  Criteo, LDR, Cellectis  and   DBVTechnologies), a number of U.S. venture capital institutions have launched investment of French companies (including BlaBlaCar,   La  Ruche, Believe  Digital, Scality  and   ShowRoomPrive    etc.), BlaBlaCar, Sigfox  and   Teads  even became the new Unicorn company. At present, many American companies (such as  , Zendesk, Salesforce, Microsoft; Facebook, Adobe  etc.) have initiated mergers and acquisitions activities for French companies, France’s venture capital industry has jumped to second in europe. Now Paris is building a name for   La  Halle  Freyssinet  entrepreneurial Incubation Park, after completion will become the world’s largest venture park. Many companies created by French entrepreneurs (such as   Lending  Club, Symphony, Tango, PeopleDoc  and   SmartRecruiter) have achieved remarkable success in the United states. CISCO (Cisco)   CEO  John   ·   Chambers (John  Chambers) even personally announced that "change" will occur in France shaking heaven and earth.

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