Dongbao Jingmen loan period extended to 30 years

venture to apply for loans, which has become a very normal thing in the current. However, due to the limitations of the loan time, many people even apply for loans, the short term can not repay, but if you can extend the deadline, will naturally be sought after by many entrepreneurs. If you are starting to worry about the lack of liquidity, do not worry, the latest entrepreneurial support policies introduced. Yesterday, reporters from Dongbao district public employment and personnel services bureau, this month, in line with the corresponding conditions of Dongbao District entrepreneurs can apply for a maximum loan of 100 thousand yuan, the loan period from the current maximum of not more than 2 years adjusted to a maximum of not more than 3 years.

this adjustment is mainly a business loan policy, give full play to business loans to promote entrepreneurship, to help entrepreneurs to solve the financing problem, supporting public entrepreneurship, innovation." Dongbao district public employment and personnel services bureau responsible person. This policy adjustment, enjoy the policy to expand the scope of the object, namely the original registered urban unemployed, employment difficulties, demobilized veterans, college graduates, emancipist categories expanded to other personnel with entrepreneurial intention, such as excess production can resolve the enterprise workers and the unemployed, migrant workers, merchants, card issuing network the poor. In addition, the above groups of women, will be included in the scope of key subjects.

previously, the maximum amount of college student loans is 100 thousand yuan, women were $80 thousand, individual businesses for $50 thousand, the maximum loan period of not more than 2 years." The official said, and now the highest amount of personal loans adjusted to 100 thousand yuan, and the loan period from the current maximum of not more than 2 years to adjust to a maximum of not more than 3 years.

In addition to

, Small and micro businesses in the new recruits with business loans application conditions of personnel (not including the returned students, college-graduate village official, migrant workers, network merchants) reached the number of existing enterprise service staff number 30% (more than 100 enterprises reached 15%), and signed a 1 year contract, agency financial institutions according to the enterprise actual number of recruits to determine a reasonable business loan, the maximum not more than 2 million yuan, and by the Department of Finance in accordance with the relevant provisions of interest. Small and micro businesses should be no arrears of wages, payment of social insurance premiums and other serious illegal credit records.


is different from bank loans, the general interest is high, so many entrepreneurs can not afford, but for these business loans provided by the government, the official told reporters, business loans belong to the interest free loans, loan interest generated by the government treasury, so only when the return of principal repayment can be.

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