How to share the local marriage website for precise network promotion

where the marriage site is different from the general site, or a single product or sell profit through advertising profits, such as: B2C website is mainly for users to buy things, fiction website is mainly to read novels of the user, and so this kind of single site too much. Most sites also only for the group which is a kind of service, and the different local marriage website is a service between married couples and the wedding business two, the relationship between the two can be said of the relationship between fish and water, are indispensable. Such as: your marriage nets only for newcomers to do, you will find it difficult to achieve profitability, even website profit is almost impossible; if your site only for the wedding business to do, then you cannot keep the couples, the station is advertising, so the website user viscosity will certainly not good to go. So, as a local wedding website to become bigger and stronger must take into account two, both wedding information rich content, there are many businesses to join the wedding (because business is for the new service, so there must be), should not be a single service.

A few days ago in Qingdao

SEO told everyone to explore and share some profit model of Qingdao wedding network, know a local marriage website approximately profit model and idea, then the next step is a crucial link, how to realize the process of marriage website profit, or say how to target customers, the so-called the "target" is our wedding business, you may wonder, you do not say marriage website to new services and businesses both, not a single operating? Why are you only looking for wedding businesses? The reason is that the site must be free for the new, new website all you can browse the content of free, but as the wedding business is different, we mainly to maintain the site after operation by making the wedding business money, then the wedding business to provide new services That wedding businesses to join our website is sure to pay, this is all the same the marriage website profit pattern, for new businesses to spend money to advertise their wedding is also well aware of here, if our website new came in, found no wedding businesses join or only a few companies advertise in here, the couple would certainly think that our website is no popularity, no what influence, so there is no businesses willing to spend money to join us, so the first step is to promote the issue facing is different from general website is: find the wedding business as soon as possible to join our website. A new way to retain the I think is mainly to increase the content of the web site update, with rich content, attracted new stop watch, then the content gradually turned to the process of looking for advertising, so I do with many of the city’s wedding wedding website different, my website content is more emphasis on business advertising. Of course, the ultimate goal is to perfect the two, this is my understanding, it may be different. So I want to share with you today my wedding network is in less than a year for precise network marketing as an example, the following is the author’s Qingdao wedding, some I used, feel good. "

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