Shun had started takagisms high income

now the people are very love new and exciting things, also let takagisms similar industry development is very good, there is a female college student, saw this opportunity, also opened a room escape, business is very good, the income is very high, so she is how successful this kind of store? Let’s go and have a look!

2011 years, Shun had admitted to the Sichuan University, majored in radio and television. "I am a person who likes to talk. I like to tell stories. I also like to write stories. When I was a child, my ideal is to become a good communicator. But when I went to college, I found that I was more interested in doing business."

2012 in the summer, and Shun had a female students travel to Beijing, to play a escape. "At that time, I had the entrepreneurial inspiration, decided to take this project to Chengdu. I want to buy their technology, to find the shop asked how much fee. I heard that fifty thousand yuan, not a penny less, I gave up the idea of joining." Zeng Shun said, at that time, escape this project is still the primary, the threshold is very low, so she decided to design their own.

finally together invested a total of 13 individuals, each put thousands of dollars, a total of 50 thousand yuan, but the main work of 4 people, the other 9 with recommended

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