Tea shop operators to avoid making these mistakes

China is a tea producing country, is also a big consumer country, tea shops profitable. In view of this, many entrepreneurs are interested in opening a tea shop. For entrepreneurs who have no business experience, they need to avoid making mistakes in the process of running a tea shop.

A, unreasonable location: the shop is the primary position, a lot of business personnel without market investigation, choose a location to shop, some blind, one-sided pursuit of the bustling, large shopping malls, so it is easy to fall into the blind, rely on luck.

three, not the quality of tea: a lot of tea shops because of their understanding of the knowledge of tea through, no ability to identify, in order to facilitate easy, most merchants to the primary market to blindly purchase, so the quality of tea is not strict, pit customers, results also lost their credibility.

four, price positioning is not reasonable: due to the "shortage of goods" era, the market is not standardized, for immediate interests, the pursuit of profits, with the further maturity of market economy, the surplus of goods, small profits era, many operators did not jump out of the traditional business thinking, or along the past "high price" the old way, but customers do not buy, how could you do?

five, unreasonable structure of varieties: the operator of a lot of tea shop always think of their relatives and acquaintances or tea is reliable, new varieties of tea varieties declined, monotonous, to the customer to buy the small room, the self closed management form must immediately change.

six, do not understand the consumer tastes: Tea operators should understand your business area consumer tastes, different consumer tastes are not the same, you can’t take your own taste to replace your business area consumer tastes.

seven, the three-dimensional structure of goods do not have a strong sense of modern business cannot do without solid ideas, tea is not only a drink, but also a broad and profound art, tea must also have contact with the tea art, crafts, art performances, not monologue.

eight, commodity display is not reasonable: I have seen many shops, give people the feeling to merchandising chaos, varieties are not divided, regardless of grade, display the "image", will certainly destroy the customer’s purchase of passion.

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