Play background music will help store sales

in order to increase the sales of the store, now the operators will continue to look for a variety of business strategies, which play some music has become the pursuit of many bosses. Because of this, in my daily business, I try to play some songs in the store to attract customers. However, the pilot after a period of time, I found that young people love to listen to Tastes differ all tastes., passionate love pop songs, classic songs or songs to elderly customers, while the children love cartoon theme songs.

shop when playing pop songs, young customers happy, old customer there are views, too naughty, the heart can not stand. When the shop played classic songs, young customers do not want to listen to the old, really ugly. The children have protested, can play the theme song of the cartoon? In view of this, in the store, Tastes differ all tastes. playing songs, a thankless task, but would rather not broadcast broadcast. Later, I simply gave up the idea of playing songs in the store, the store has restored the former quiet.

later, it was suggested that I try to play some of the background music, the effect may be much better than playing songs, music is across national boundaries, regardless of age. Think about it and start playing some background music in the store. However, although the music player of all ages can accept, but what kind of music to play background music is also very particular about. Don’t play fast music as background music, fast-paced music can make people nervous, strengthen the sense of rhythm, not only the elderly can not stand, young people and children will make them excited mood, shorten the residence time in the store.

and, fast-paced music to the customer to create a "too late" feeling, play a psychological effect, to speed up the rhythm of their pay. So, the retail merchant in the store to play some slow soothing music as background music, slow rhythm music customers relax, enjoy the relaxed businesses create shopping atmosphere, so that customers have a slower pace in the shop, a long time to stay in the store shopping, resulting in higher consumption amount the.

so I started playing in the store "blue moon" "The Danube" and "kiss the rain" "home" "Anne in Wonderland" music in the background, soothing music environment, customers listened to music, while carrying out shopping, everything in good order and well arranged neither too fast nor too slow. I found that since the store to play background music, customers stay longer than usual in the store, the monthly sales growth of 15%. Thus, in the store play background music on the impact of the sale of goods is still very large, some retailers may wish to try.

now many of the owners are thinking of playing some background music in the store to enhance the store’s product sales

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