Retail customers how to seize large customers

no matter what kind of shop, if you can catch a big customer, which for the latter part of the store’s business development is undoubtedly very favorable. In fact, large customers, repeat customers is an important guarantee to improve the operating efficiency of retail outlets. Practice has proved that the greater the number of customers and back, the stronger the competitive strength of the store, the higher the level of profitability. So, retail customers how to seize the big customers, retain repeat customers? I visited a number of more experienced retail customers, let us listen to their practices and suggestions.

retail customers: Sun Caixia

point of view: sincere treatment of customers to improve service quality

has big customers and repeat customers, is to have the wealth. And to seize the big customers, retain repeat customers, the focus is to do a good job of quality services to thoughtful, meticulous, sincere service to win their trust, increase their favor.

I think in terms of quality services, retail customers to do the following key points: first, we must establish the door are off the idea, so as to achieve the same customer. Regardless of wealth, regardless of poverty, should be treated fairly and equally, can not have the slightest discrimination. To learn to respect the customer, no matter what the situation should be civilized, sincere attitude, as there is no friction and conflict with customers, to give customers a good impression, so that customers want to shop again.

two is the elimination of customer regret: in the daily operation, to constantly check and review of their own problems and shortcomings, and often for market research, customer satisfaction, there is no regret what shopping, etc.. Through continuous self-examination and inspection, improve service, improve service quality, so that more customers are willing to door again. Three is the time for customers. Think about the customer’s point of view and try to find a solution. As of customer satisfaction with the products and service of opinions and suggestions, and in terms of price affordability, focus on these problems to grasp and understand their psychological activities, and the service done more in place, more satisfied customers.

four is a serious customer opinion. In the operation, we often hear the customer’s evaluation of the store information, such as customer complaints, complaints, complaints, etc.; there is a good side, such as the customer to make pertinent, reasonable comments and suggestions. Whether it is a good or bad side, for any one store business development, it is very important resources.

must know that our service object is the vast number of consumers, their views and suggestions are his own mind, is your hopes and wishes. If we are able to correct the deficiencies, improve the work, achieve their hopes, and meet their wishes, we will be very satisfied

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