Tax law into the campus to help college students start to lay a solid foundation

for business students, the tax law is the need to master, let entrepreneurs without bending, and the curriculum should be more into the campus, let the business students lay the basis for entrepreneurship, help college students’ employment.

"Chenggong gathered a large number of colleges and universities, we will be the spring college campus recruitment as an opportunity to carry out" in university students of Kunming University of Science and Technology and other universities, into the campus to send tax build employment dream "as the theme, for college students employment and entrepreneurship help." Chenggong District IRS responsible person.

in addition, will also work with the Chenggong District Local Taxation Bureau joint tax propaganda group, into the town, Luolong, Wu Ying 10 Street office sent to carry out tax publicity activities in the office door, a large crowd place set desk, gift tax publicity materials, answer tax policy issues. The hot issues, tax policy and Huimin Limin concern to the residents of the hands of the masses.

in entrepreneurship education and constantly improve, people believe that entrepreneurial ability will be more and more strong, entrepreneurial quality, can better achieve the fundamental purpose of management policy, entrepreneurship to employment, promoting economic and social development.


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