Nantong University to strengthen innovation and entrepreneurship training results

In the winter of

, although the success rate of entrepreneurship of college students has been plagued by students hit off, but the entrepreneurial boom diminished. Nantong University in strengthening the innovation and entrepreneurship education system construction is fruitful, there have been 50 students successfully established.

Downton orchard Annong store day before the official opening, this is a 2014 graduate of Nantong University, Shen Jianxiang venture fourth stores in 3 years. And before the store is different, the introduction of a O2O+C2B shop operating mode, WeChat mall on the line, the amount of attention on the breakthrough million people, the daily sales of more than 2 yuan.

full range, the "double

" common education

"we take reservations, purchase and delivery of three yuan, the removal of intermediate circulation, thereby reducing the loss cost of fruit, but also ensure the freshness of fruit." Shen Jianxiang said, thanks to their successful Downton orchard school to understand entrepreneurship courses.

"University as a training ground, innovation resources concentrated and important source of university education should be all-round innovation and entrepreneurship students gene activation." Party secretary of the Nantong University Changchun of the "double" training this positioning. To encourage students to innovation and entrepreneurship, the school set up the electronic commerce, service marketing, knowledge enterprises, compulsory and elective courses, establish your business network such as the combination of innovation and entrepreneurship curriculum system, which accounted for a total of 12 credits of innovation and entrepreneurship education and quality development education, is one of the basic indicators of graduate students to. Three schools through a training camp, occupation career planning competition, entrepreneurship practice and a series of activities in science and technology, the formation of a thick atmosphere of the innovation, innovation and entrepreneurship will seed is rooted in the students’ heart.

the school also co-ordinate the professional teaching, theoretical research, education and management of 3 teachers, from the aspects of technology and management of student entrepreneurship for personal guidance. The school of public health college students Gu Yanfeng, founder of the Nantong 2011 green embroidered crafts Co., Ltd., there is no clear target customers, only mobile sales. Under the guidance of entrepreneurial mentor professor Guo Biyu, the company has removed the professional blind areas such as marketing, explore out of the patent, flower type library, award certificates constitute the core competitiveness of the product. Up to now, the company received orders hundreds of thousands of dollars, and there are 4 design patents are pending. Business mentor who has just set foot on the journey to escort students, at present, Nantong University has international certification business coach, mentor, entrepreneurial state occupation consultants business mentor more than 200.

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