Jinhua the Department of Taxation to explain the preferential policies to enter the University

2015 from the state to the local have introduced a number of policies to support college students entrepreneurship, dazzling. For a college student who has a close relationship, it is a bit complicated to want to know the local business offer. To this end, the Jinhua Municipal Finance and taxation departments into colleges and universities, for college students to explain.

"to encourage public entrepreneurship, innovation", in recent years the government has introduced a variety of employment policy, to provide support for the entrepreneurial intention of college students, but many students do not understand.

The related policy / employment

More than 2000 copies of the manual

"to fully use of the preferential tax policy, can let the entrepreneurial effort." Wang Weimin, deputy director of the Inland Revenue Department, said Jinhua, college students in the process of entrepreneurship and employment, want to understand the relevant issues, you can call 12366 tax service hotline for detailed consultation.

policy is issued, and not let the audience understand and use, so this policy is almost invalid. College students entrepreneurship is one of the priorities of the current government, they should be able to get an early understanding of the relevant entrepreneurial policies, so that entrepreneurship becomes easier.

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