Spicy hot pot stores location study points

spicy hot pot franchise needs scientific location, many franchisees are clearly the location is very important, because of the delicacy project site is relatively simple, its market adaptability, flexible location. If you want to take a closer look, you need to pay attention to the following five points, a look at.

note, spicy hot pot shop store image is very important to find the best shop around four meters without obstacles, no garbage, can let customers at a glance can see the store signs and health stores.

note two, stores around the best traffic to facilitate the purchase, people work day very tired, if the traffic is not convenient to give up to buy tools at.

note three, examine whether there are large stores around the shopping malls, residential areas, and the surrounding people’s consumption level.

note four, on store without the drainage channel, if it is convenient for safety and environmental protection and drainage, no smoke discharge channel.

note five, confirm the store room of any property certificate, confirming the identity of all stores, to confirm whether the two unified, surrounding residents are willing to open this spicy hot pot shop.

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