What are the good projects in 2016

entrepreneurship in 2016 is a hot word, we all want to start in 2016 to make money, but can not find their own projects. What are the good projects in 2016? Today, we sorted out a few very good entrepreneurial projects, hurry up and get a look at it.

2016 entrepreneurship what good project?


2016 entrepreneurship what good project? Personalized T-shirt shop

personalized is now very fashionable word. People are tired of wearing the same style, and love the Zhuo and not the group of personalized. Therefore, you can launch personalized T-shirt shop, all T-shirt designs are making very special. These patterns, you can put it into the legend of the China paper-cut patterns, can be made into Egyptian hieroglyphs, can be made into twelve constellation pattern and so on, this is not the only one. In addition to the customer can buy the finished goods in the store, you can let them enjoy a more personalized service. For example, changing the design according to customer requirements color, print name or other text, also can let the customer or design photograph.

2016 entrepreneurship what good project? Private financial planner

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