2015 graduate employment survey 6 3% choose Entrepreneurship

to enter in December, the place of fresh graduates in 2015 has basically settled. According to the 2015 graduates of the latest survey report shows that the number of selected college students increased significantly, management activities have made certain achievements.

graduation intention

: the choice of employment

to continue studying in China: 16.9%

: continue to study abroad



ratio increased significantly

"investigation report" the employment of graduates in 2015 this research includes college and University graduates. The report shows that, compared with the previous two years, the proportion of college students choose to rise significantly, entrepreneurship or join the start-up companies to become a hot topic for graduates.

2015, Chongqing college graduates about 203 thousand people, in 2016 there will be more than 210 thousand college graduates, a new record high number of graduates. In this environment, the number of college graduates in Chongqing, the number of independent entrepreneurs increased by 372 people, founded the new micro enterprises increased by 3550 households in.

] employment groups

to ease the difficulty of the job

Survey of employment groups

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