2015 Sichuan college students innovation and entrepreneurship summit ended

Sichuan has been trying to build China western "venture Tianfu", this introduced a number of policies to support entrepreneurship, strengthen the entrepreneurial base construction to attract entrepreneurs stationed in. Yesterday, in 2015, Sichuan college students innovation and entrepreneurship summit in Chengdu ended for the full year of entrepreneurship in the development of a successful.

12 30, innovation lead the future, entrepreneurial achievements dream in 2015, Sichuan college students innovation and entrepreneurship summit held in Sichuan university students innovation and entrepreneurship center. The province’s outstanding city state employment service agency representatives, outstanding institutions of higher education on behalf of the business, outstanding entrepreneurial projects on behalf of outstanding business mentor on behalf of more than 100 people participated in the activities.

awards ceremony, 8 universities in 10 states of Mianyang City Employment Bureau, Ya’an City Bureau of Employment Employment Bureau and Sichuan University, Xinancaida Tianfu college won the outstanding organization award 2015 pioneering work; Luo Wensheng, Huang Yubi and other 12 business mentor won the excellent cooperation; green earth, old school black chicken 24 entrepreneurial projects Award for outstanding entrepreneurial projects; two employees, activity center won the 2015 annual occupation guidance and entrepreneurship guidance case solicitation award".

2015 in the Sichuan province college students’ innovation and entrepreneurship summit held successfully for 15 years, the province’s innovation work are summarized, and the prospect of the 16 years of the province’s innovation work, so as to better play the "activity center, gathering, demonstration, leading role.


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