Business can not be used very means

is now a lot of people in order to make money is really what kind of means are used, but I do not know, such a tool may be able to cheat two times, but it will not become a long-term business skills. At the door of the shop, 35 people came together at chowhound sell characteristics not far from a stranger, whispered to her. News again? Next to the road, often have such news attracted hot idle 35 pairs on a.

looked into the distance, the stranger dressed in a chowhound sell characteristics of Xinjiang people like watching the pedestrians coming and going, and no one will stop down, in the cold wind, more and more foreigners are so lonely. Arguably like this style of dress selling features chowhound should be a lot of people watching, how is he? So I felt a little curious, put down the work to go up to the front of the shop to listen to what people are talking about. Originally, we are talking about the characteristics of the goods sold by outsiders, very means".

outside the cart is big round cake, like our sugar cake looks like, but there are completely different ingredients, raisins, dates, sesame, red bean cake is?????? There are a lot of ingredients do not know can not be called, looked at the feeling very good, really a little attractive. If someone wants to buy, they will use a special hammer hammer down a bit and then weigh.

said the day before yesterday there was a man with the cart after stand outside the grandson, grandson uncle saw this new kind of fun to eat, so greedy, clamoring to buy him a grandpa, Grandpa asked the price, he said to the stranger is a pound, while uncle for his money, the stranger to the uncle said; "said, 46 yuan." "What?" Uncle listened surprised, such a thing 46 yuan?" "Yes, it’s 46 yuan." The stranger answered affirmatively.

"didn’t you just say 5 yuan and 1 jin? There are only 1 pounds to 46 yuan a little red." Uncle refers to wearing a bag to eat said. I said 5 yuan 1 two." Foreigners speak in very non-standard mandarin. In fact, they are in the price when asked Uncle deliberately "5" voice is big, the "small two" voice, can be said to be very vague, deliberately misleading buyers, so that the uncle that is 5 yuan price of 1 pounds.

"so expensive, I don’t want it." Uncle said to leave, then the stranger stopped the man, "you said it yourself to buy, and now I have to hammer down, are unqualified, sell is not sell, the hammer down you want to buy or buy, do not want to buy or buy." Outsiders voice just fell, several of the same dress are surrounded by outsiders.

as if they are hiding in what place, as long as some people do not want to give money they will appear at any time to see the momentum of the uncle if today

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