Entrepreneurial analysis of mobile entrepreneurs cognitive errors which

mobile Internet era, the opportunity to start more and more businesses, many people are doing poineering work through the mobile internet. However, at present there are many mobile Internet entrepreneurs may have misconceptions. The following sort of entrepreneurs three cognitive errors, and join my observation and judgment, hoping to help entrepreneurs.

because venture products first do is not only available, but also to take into account the user stickiness later. A simple function to even the crude product is absolutely impossible to keep the user, in general, such products must be very strong tool, and the lack of user interaction, the product is destined to go too far.

two mistakes: vertical segments is equal to the popular market

Internet after ten years of vigorous development, in search engines, instant messaging, news portals, e-commerce and so on the birth of a giant. At present, Alibaba, Tencent, Baidu is the Internet industry’s three giants, as well as millet,, vip.com and so on billions of dollars of the company to occupy the market. These Internet companies have sufficient cash flow, elite product promotion team, the entrepreneurial team is extremely lethal.

entrepreneurs who have a lot of quality is worth learning, such as full of passion, such as modest. Therefore, we can see a lot of entrepreneurial cafes, but what Sharon lectures are crowded, 80% of them are entrepreneurs. But do entrepreneurs really need to spend too much time learning a knowledge or skill that they don’t know when they can be used? I feel it inside

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