Mobile phone recycling industry to push environmental protection through suning com Exhibition Tour


four years ago in the domestic headquarters issued regulations to relax the military personnel using mobile phone and network restrictions, as is the lifting forces of the Internet to maintain a performance update, approved by the Central Military Commission headquarters issued four "on the" several provisions to further standardize the grass-roots work guidance and management order approved by the Central Military Commission, the four headquarters of Japan before issued "Regulations", requiring the military and armed forces to further standardize the grass-roots work guidance and management order. Based on the outline of the basic level of the army and other relevant laws and regulations, this paper summarizes the beneficial practice of absorbing the troops, and makes further research and demonstration on further standardizing the work guidance and management order at the grass-roots level. "Regulations" after the formation of the first draft, the 2 times for four headquarters and troops, has 4 drafts, ensure for organic unity, innovation and science, Internet plus the strategic mode also spread in the army, this also indicates that the domestic military life Internet upgrade.

s model from the cabaret into Internet mode

In November 14th

reported news reporters, and repurchase network to carry out the largest one to work with the Legion Chinese PLA Institute of technology for the local service officers and soldiers, a stay for a day, the scene of the officers and men of the maintenance work of multi dimension digital products, at the same time repurchase network give the recovery site, the event China the PLA Institute responsible person also said the military is also home to the first joint enterprises, also is only carried out through past performances, the Internet service to update the dimension of digital products is the USO 2 upgrade, remove the state and the people outside the military and property safety and liability protection, is also very important to the social responsibility of environmental protection the person in charge, and that the only is the beginning of the event, the follow-up will be combined with the promotion of this type of ring arms Insurance activities.

billion yuan to provide activities to subsidize


environmental protection exhibition and repurchase network through commitment will be put on the billion yuan in the exhibition, and the concept of environmental protection into the military personnel, to add a green light to military life.

with the development of information industry, the Internet has become one of the main channel leak secret, data show that about 30% of the leaks are derived from the internet. Therefore, the soldiers in the use of the Internet, we must face how to use the Internet at the same time, to ensure the security of military information, in the face of this problem, the need to enhance the sense of self internet.

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