Nanjing housing accumulation fund as early as the new deal

in our daily lives, provident fund has a lot of benefits to buy a house, not only can be used direct loans, usually can be taken out of consumption. This time, the introduction of the new housing fund in Nanjing, compared to Fuzhou’s gentle limit order, Nanjing property market recently frequent intensive amplification. Nanjing housing provident fund, to suspend the commercial revolution and discount loans, so the new deal specifically what effect? The following and Xiaobian together to understand.

9 month 29 days, Nanjing city housing provident fund management center issued a document in October 1st, according to the notice, suspend accepting loans for commercial revolution; revolution business loans for all September 30th 24 after the entry system will re approval, which means that the implementation of more than a year in the Nanjing revolution business loans policy end.

is now very difficult to buy a house in Nanjing." An industry source to the daily economic news (blog, micro-blog) reporter emotion, as one of the second tier cities in Nanjing, the property market in September, the property market is definitely not lost to the extent of hot Fuzhou.

9 month 23 days, days of Nanjing soil shoot will wrap up; in September 25th, the Nanjing municipal government issued housing city property purchase restrictions policy; in September 26th, Nanjing introduced the property market "Ning thirteen"; in September 29th, adding a suspension of revolution business loans.

Nanjing housing prices is for all to see, the prices are soaring, online once the guards to describe. Facing the continuous rise in prices, the local government of Nanjing to take measures for the awesome, the lower prices have no hope? The industry believes that, in the role of superimposed policy, regardless of the housing market or the land market in Nanjing, regardless of land prices or prices, cooling may be a high probability event. Here we are together with Xiaobian to wait and see.

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