Join the details of Jiatian bread

Western bakery business winds in recent years in the food and beverage market, which led to many franchisees want to invest in a Western bakery. Yoshida bread meet your requirements to join Western bakery! So what you do Jiatian bakery Ze like? Yoshida bread variety, leisurely delicious, consumers convenient dining. Join Jiatian bread, the headquarters will give franchisee support and preferential more, make different franchisees can help the reputation to win customers Yoshida bread to earn some money. This is a very worthwhile to join the project! If you want to join Jiatian bread, will try to understand the detailed information to join


: the cost of joining Jiatian bread

join the level of municipalities / provincial capital cities of prefecture level cities

shop area of 40 square meters with 30 square meters and 20 square meters

rent fee (charge three) $5000 / month, 3000 yuan / month, 1000 yuan / month

renovation costs 36 thousand yuan 24 thousand yuan 12 thousand yuan

shelf equipment costs 40 thousand yuan, 30 thousand yuan, 20 thousand yuan

first purchase fee 30 thousand yuan 20 thousand yuan 10 thousand yuan

promotional costs 7 thousand yuan 5 thousand yuan 3 thousand yuan

opening costs 10 thousand yuan 7 thousand yuan 5 thousand yuan

staff wages (Ji Du) 3500 yuan / month / person (1) $2500 / month / person (1) $1500 / month / person (1)

liquidity 30 thousand yuan 20 thousand yuan 10 thousand yuan

total investment costs 176 thousand and 500 yuan 110 thousand and 500 yuan 65 thousand and 500 yuan

investment costs are estimated, may differ from the actual situation, for reference only.

: the conditions for joining Jiatian bread

A reliable brand

1., the advantages of the development of enterprises is the key to the franchisee to identify corporate culture, brand of bread that yoshida.


2. is added to the food industry, we must pay attention to healthy eating, join their health is very important, good health, no infectious disease staff to Jiatian bread, love the food industry.

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