Qingdao city Laoshan District Women innovation contest ended

in 2015, many female customers through their own efforts to witness the achievements of women in the entrepreneurial market. With the influx of more heroine entrepreneurial market, female entrepreneurship has become a force that can not be ignored.

2015 began in November, the Laoshan District Women’s Federation launched women’s innovation contest, mainly for good creative products, viable business plan, provides opportunities for women entrepreneurs. The content of the product collection has been the innovation and upgrading of the existing products, or the new development of the new products. The collection is mainly intended for the recent envisaged in the Laoshan area and has a more mature business plan of female individuals, as well as responsible for women, or women of not less than 50% of the entrepreneurial team.

"entrepreneurial team can be registered in the start-up period of small enterprises, private non enterprise, individual industrial and commercial households, can have a common entrepreneurial intention but still in the concept stage entrepreneurial team." Laoshan District Women’s Federation President Du Ping said.

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