Zhao Wei and Li Bingbing exist in the presence of wisdom and beauty

most people in our eyes, if a woman is very beautiful words that she would not feel smart, bimbo, but really can do some beauty of wisdom and beauty coexist, today to say that entertainment famous entrepreneur Zhao Wei and Li Bingbing.

1, Zhao Wei – not a woman man, just want to be more independent

17 years ago, the "Princess" featuring Zhao Wei, this "some capricious, and some arrogant little swallow, held in May 20, 2015" global Women Entrepreneurs Conference, calm gracefully in a speech.

2013, the debut film "we eventually lost youth" won the Golden Rooster Award directorial debut award and best director award for directing the Chinese American film festival. In 2014 won the thirty-third Hongkong Film Awards Best cross-strait Chinese film, September 2014 gains the best director award at the thirty-second session of Hundred Flowers Award on.

Zhao Wei in the finance and investment, no punches. From 2006 onwards, she has ho throw tens of millions of purchase of Shanghai, Beijing, Hongkong, Singapore and many other real estate. In 2011, she bought the French Chateau Monlot winery, its predecessor was the first thirteen owned by Louis. And Zhao Wei as a shareholder of a listed company, listed in the past six months, the company’s share price rose to 185.02 yuan / share, is the highest price of 22.83 yuan / share issue price of 8 times. To be a great star entrepreneur.

2, Li Bingbing – sprinkle the star powder, became the stars

Since the establishment of

studios, Li Bingbing public brand "L.O.V.E", July 2014, Li Bingbing, together with Quan Ren, Huang Xiaoming composition "Chinese partner", announced the establishment of the StarVC foundation, then identified the first batch of investment projects: the second shot and starry. Can be regarded as a star entrepreneur.

acting career, Li Bingbing keen public environmental protection. In 2009 she set up a personal charity brand L.O.V.E, initiated and participated in many environmental activities. In 2010 she became the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) of the first Chinese Ji global ambassador; the World Wide Fund for nature (WWF) global ambassador; international climate organization million forest region ambassador. Global ambassador to the Convention on international trade in endangered species of Wild Fauna and flora in 2013.

2014 in August, ice bucket challenge swept the network, leveraging the second shot to introduce a large number of stars to participate in, the customer base in several times, only Li Bingbing’s ice bucket challenge video, reached about 40000000 the amount of play. Effect of communication using the star, a short period of time the second shot fast recommendation

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