Zhenjiang to improve the quality of entrepreneurial services

management activities launched a pioneering climax in the country, as the main force of entrepreneurship, college students entrepreneurial team is also growing in double activities under the encouragement of. And have an important influence on the service quality of the enterprise performance management ", improve business service is urgent.

real money to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship

Show the multiplier effect of

amplification to revitalize the stock resources agglomeration effect

2015, the city of Zhenjiang to fully tap the resources of the municipal construction enterprise to build a successful demonstration base, Runzhou District Jinshan street xijindu cultural industry incubator Park, Yangzhong North Industrial Park Business Incubator 2 provincial demonstration base business incubator; but also to create a Dantu high new technology business incubator, Zhenjiang high tech Zone Students Pioneering Park, Jurong City College Business Park 3 College Business Park, business park under the jurisdiction of college students to achieve full coverage.

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