Lattice shop good management

Now the

lattice shop everywhere, is women’s favorite, many people love to enjoy shopping in such an environment, it is the entrepreneur lattice shop in a project are the most love, but want to run well but also need to make great efforts.


lattice shop

"lattice" products is "cool" to the identity of the customer to the lattice shop consumer experience.

"like a class of cosmetic products are most in need, in shopping malls are open shelves for customers to try and guide, and the grid locked, a bit inconvenient." A female consumer said.

"but so much to the owner of a grid, with understanding and introduction, is really not easy." There are consumers seem to understand the shop owner is not easy.


] random survey

"lattice" products concern the quality of business fast for two months, "the shop owner is" the greatest feeling, the lattice rent too fast, not strict enough to ensure the products. In the vicinity of a random survey done, the majority of customers said that if the product is really attractive, it should be worth a Amoy, but there are consumers worried about the quality of the product. "As a result of the original is a month of the lease contract, last month, I have to calm down, do not fit some of the products and the quality of the products have been removed from the cabinet." Shop owner said

because of "lattice" products are by their own organizational sources, in addition to "lattice" checks on the quality of each product category, a detailed understanding of the product characteristics, the scope of information is needed, this will undoubtedly increase the demands on them.

"everywhere, we do not see" "this is a small lattice can hold at least dozens of goods, and I have more than and 200 lattice, just thousands of." Shop owner said that so many goods concentrated in a store, you must have a core culture.

in their concept, not only rent the lattice lattice shop on the line, the key is to each cell in a different style, must show different personality lattice, from different angles, bring benefits to the owners of the lattice. In the shop, ""

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