s it feasible to manage community food

although there are a lot of demand seems to exist, but when we really do business, only to find that these businesses are just appear to exist, in the end is feasible or unknown. So, the operation of community convenience dishes feasible?

is a friend of my girl, recently resigned from a foreign company to do business. Study on several projects, finally decided to do community convenience food, is the kind of washed chopped with good material, the user can directly buy back the pot dish.

she phoned me and said with confidence when the plan, because she had some friends around the investigation, we think are needed, can save a lot of trouble to cook, but also do not have to eat out frequently. She counted, even if it is only slightly higher than the price of ten yuan, profit is good. Meng Qi knows that I’m concerned about community business, so I want to hear my opinion.

in fact, this area is not a new convenience food, and I come in contact that has existed for N years, but it seems that no one has done a successful. The market does look great. Now people’s pace of life faster and faster, and occasionally cooking is a swap, but every day cooking is indeed a more difficult task, a great deal of time and energy. Especially for the elderly who do not live with the family at home, convenient food for improving the quality of life is indeed a good program.

, however, these years of experience told me, do not have the demand as a source of entrepreneurial confidence. I think of an old friend of Sun Gang, before and after 2006 is convenient dish, was also developed more than a dozen residential users, their money also took a little investment, a year after they died. I decided to do the dishes and other convenient for Meng Qi to go for a business friend.

2005 sun began his business after his resignation. At that time saw Beiyuan home people do the same thing, he felt that the business is feasible, so start. The first step is to test this is — I very much agree with the idea of lean startup. He printed some propaganda pages listed above all kinds of convenience food ingredients and price as well as the phone number, then find a few part-time together to distribute leaflets in subway. Soon there was a phone call from the customer, he quickly cut the food packaging to the customer to send the past, at the same time charges. After a few minutes, Sun Gang felt that it was completely feasible, and began to recruit.

convenient dish model is very simple: the sun just hired five or six people, rent a three bedroom house, to buy all kinds of vegetables and meat processing and packaging, labeling in the fridge, then according to the customer demand in the end of the day to send food. As a result of the office workers, so only the convenience of dinner. During the day when the staff is leaflets and processing dishes, in the evening to send food.


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