Bitter history B entrepreneurs start empty handed

hard work is self-evident, and some popular items of business even more difficult. For example, BI business is very difficult, but there is a 80 young people choose this business no return".

what is BI? BI (Business Intelligence) is a business intelligence, it is a complete set of solutions to the existing enterprise data for effective integration, to provide fast and accurate reports and put forward decision-making basis, to help enterprises to make informed business decisions. The concept of BI was first proposed by Gartner in 1996. Over the next few years, BI has become a hot word in china. Traditional BI market, a number of foreign giants IT products occupy the mainstream, for example, Business Objects, Cognos, Hyperion, etc.. However, with the IT giant to several mainstream BI manufacturers in the bag, the market is basically calm. To tell a story about a veteran of BI. The entrepreneur named He Chuntao.

He Chuntao, the first impression is a typical tech man: tall and slim, speak clear thinking, the ornamental and the combined plain properties, simple and neat dress.

He Chuntao is engaged in the business intelligence (hereinafter referred to as BI) product development and application work for more than and 10 years, is a typical BI veteran, had served the customers including Macquarie Bank, WHO, AT& T, WHO, China Life and other well-known institutions, for the construction of the business intelligence system, also led the R & D team many times won international awards. From 2009 onwards, He Chuntao has presided over the research and development of high-performance BI and big data BI, and in BI, high-performance BI, big data BI and other fields have accumulated a wealth of practical experience.

entrepreneurship, bestial impulses

2014 at the beginning of the year, leaving He Chuntao from a foreign R & D vice president, served as Beijing’s Wing Hung wisdom science and technology limited company (hereinafter referred to as CEO, Wing Hung Technology) completed a major transition in life. To an enterprise, Wing Hung technology company founded in 2011 is a start-up. At present, Wing Hung technology about 20 people, including R & D team of more than 10 people. Obviously, such staffing, it is difficult to compare with the original strength of the foreign company He Chuntao. In this matter, some do not understand He Chuntao’s friend said he is a masochistic type "Polytechnic male", with "don’t just do high position and handsome salary", a "brush code sense".

so, what is the motivation for He Chuntao to make the choice of entrepreneurship? He Chuntao in a "pioneering," straight from the heart bestial impulses bowen. He believes that entrepreneurship is an animalistic impulses, innate, involuntarily. This beast is recommended

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