Eat pizza roll off thinking

is a pizza we all know are very love the delicacy, roll cake is our Chinese regular consumption of a special snack, how to do when you eat cake and eat pizza roll? Some people say that you buy it? Of course, today Xiaobian to tell you the emergence of a new round of pizza, let you spend the same money, you meet two kinds of delicacy consumption desire.

" " is a handmade pizza; made of special secret sauce and fresh stuffing food market since 2005 has become the world’s popular hot snacks, widely favored by the consumers.

2014 years, 95% of China’s two or three city, handmade pizza industry is still a blank, therefore, China’s huge market potential handmade pizza unthinkable!


guest thinks the introduction of American famous brand Sacks pizza rolls, high-quality raw materials, selection of well-known brands of scientific formula, sophisticated technology, sophisticated production, nutrition and health, is the real green, nutritious food.

at present, SA guest thinks pizza has in the development of Beijing roll number stores, and received wide acclaim and recognized by consumers in the capital hand pizza industry.

is a very delicious aroma of your romantic ocean pizza, Miami pizza taste fresh tropical pizza delicious but not greasy bucolic pizza…… dozens of pizza, then choose some picky eaters! Jiao Xiang soft cake tube wrapped with a lot of vegetables and meat, cheese and tomato sauce flavor which make it soft and tough, soft and tender, taste the flavor of fresh produce progressesto.

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