Bazhong how to promote scientific and technological innovation

policy drivers. The economic development in our daily life, cannot do without science and technology support, Bazhong science and technology innovation in order to achieve better, "the introduction of the implementation of innovation driven development strategy to enhance the leading role of science and technology", construction of "1+10" technology innovation policy system, the establishment of scientific and technological innovation to guide the fund 10 million yuan, the establishment of patent award the introduction of this policy, it is very useful to promote the innovation and development of local science and technology.

talent driven. Hire academician Hui Ming and Han Jiecai from Bazhong municipal government for the introduction of consultants, graduate and above the high degree of talent and technology innovation urgently needed personnel more than 1000 people, cultivate "the pig king" Zhang Yuxian, "Dr. Cheng Yan," female returnees "to college students" "migrant workers", Yang Faming Shao Pan and other entrepreneurial type more than 120 science and technology correspondent.

College drive. The establishment of science and technology strategic cooperation with Tsinghua University, China Agricultural University and other colleges and universities, and biological medicine, biological medicine, academician workstation resources Key Laboratory of science and technology innovation platform more than 30, the introduction of the transformation and application of new technologies and new models of more than 100, built in Walnut, tea, potato and other characteristics of seed industry innovation base 10, the capture of Tongjiang Aerospace Tremella the key technology of breeding, Nanjiang Yellow Goat Breeding DNA growth of more than 10 genetic markers, the development of new products jiedujiangzhi tablets, capsules and other technology more than 20 Shouwu tremella.

enterprise linkage. Bazhong how to promote scientific and technological innovation? The last step is to take the enterprise linkage, only the continuous strengthening of exchanges between enterprises, in order to get a better development. To foster national 11 high-tech enterprises, provincial 48 innovative enterprises, the Municipal Science and technology small and medium-sized enterprise 57, the establishment of College Students’ innovation and entrepreneurship club, sailing a passenger space public record space of more than 10, Northeast Sichuan’s first business incubator was officially put into use, has been contracted to the incubated enterprises more than 20.

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