Do you have a busy season

now almost every business in the industry will have a light season, if the off-season time is too long, such business is generally not welcome. Open shop and honey liangyoudian open, do the store, said a repeat business, do a good job, generally have a relatively stable income. Now there are a lot of friends see the Honey Shop Green and the advantages of sustainable management, all want to open a honey shop to make money.

so when does the honey shop open? Honey Shop has a short season?

in general, as long as there is a stable supply, ready to shop at any time. Honey season is not obvious, but there are some slight differences.

in general, people will drink more honey in winter, cold winter, at home to drink a cup of warm sweet honey water, is a very pleasant thing. But in the summer, a lot of people forget about honey. Because people are still accustomed to using hot water to drink honey, and I am afraid that summer is not so many people to a cup of hot honey.

or spring and autumn seasons can also open. But honey profit is not great, you can choose the time before the Chinese New Year of the shop, so you can sell some bee products gift box is very suitable.

in short, for the honey shop, although there will be a very weak difference, there will be a clear classification of the season, but there are still some. And because this is not obvious, therefore, to open a honey shop to make money or a very good shop project. But the product must have the characteristic, has the difference, the high school low end must have, in order to suit each expense level consumer’s need. Open the honey shop there is a very important part, is service, service is better, the product should be fresh, honey shop marketing method a plus, effectively improve the Honey Shop turnover to more open shop to make money by honey.

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