Store hygiene to do a good job

even home life, I am afraid that not many people can accept the dirty environment, not to mention to a shop for shopping. In short, a small shop, but also to set rules, why, supermarket goods are the same, the supermarket furnishings, the atmosphere is the same. We all like shopping in a clean and healthy environment, in order to be happy, to promote the desire to buy.

walked into a shop, so that people can leave the impression that in addition to goods, is the store’s health. If the shop is not the most basic hygiene, not to mention the operation. Therefore, the health of the shop is a prerequisite for the operation of goods.

open the door every day, I was the first to clean the front door. The shop door is outside the shop front, my two glass doors, must first use a damp cloth, then wipe again with dry cloth, the glass will not leave traces of wipe. Passing customers through the glass door can see the store clean and tidy goods. In order to allow customers to further into the store shopping desire.

store in the ground adhere to the daily cleaning maintenance, adhere to wipe the counters and goods. Some bags of food and bottled drinks, easily attached to dust, I often wear a pair of clean cotton gloves, with both hands, wipe the packaging and beverage bottle appearance, passing quickly get to the goods together and let customers themselves. The ground at any time the customer found abandoned garbage should be cleaned immediately, at the same time should prepare two rotations, mop, mop with water so as not to let slip the ground floor.

store health is important, the external image of our own is also very important, no matter how busy business, I also wear clean clothes, after a simple wash, go to every customer service I.

shop should pay attention to what?

a few days ago, the author and his wife went to a supermarket shopping convenience, just into the shop door, a pungent smell of choking face to face, "good choking ah, what delicious?" His wife said while coughing.

the boss smiled and said: "this winter, every day to eat cabbage is not enough, in addition to cabbage stew tofu, salad is cabbage, the vinegar and hot and sour cabbage, chili soy for you, sorry, sorry."

wife hand clutching his nose, one hand two bags of salt and said: "come, come."

walking on the road, his wife said: "I would like to have something else, so full of the house choking taste, forget it, and later to say!"

through this thing, I am very impressed: now consumers to convenience store shopping, not only the purchase of goods, as well as services and shopping experience pleasant experience. A warm and comfortable shopping environment

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