The United States to achieve a successful launch of the rocket in the future will be cheap space tra

since ancient times, humans have never stopped exploring the stars. Recently, the United States SpaceX company successfully launched a rocket and successfully recovered, which will reduce the cost of the rocket in the future, to achieve a significant impact on cheap aviation.

The successful launch of

NASA congratulations: congratulations on vertical landing back to earth

"Falcon 9" in 2 minutes after launch, the rocket first pushed to over 200 km, from then, 9 minutes after the return scheduled landing area. When the rocket landed steadily to a predetermined location, far away from the Space  in California, X headquarters control center staff, excitedly called hug, congratulations.

Space , X said on its twitter, the successful launch and recovery of the rocket, is a huge achievement of the company, creating a history. The space exploration company CEO Elon Musk (  yes, he is the Tesla CEO) happily tweeted: "welcome back, baby!"

striking one snag after another

Space  X had several attempts to put the Falcon 9 first stage unmanned ship landed in the sea, but failed. The launch is planned for the static ignition striking one snag after another, in December 16th, but soon after it was delayed until 17, then pushed to number 19. The final rocket launch was two days longer than planned.

the Falcon 9 rocket carrying 11 satellites, including engine and fuel, will be the first rocket after launch and other parts of the rocket separation, and return to the recommended

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