What are the steps to open dessert shop

fashion dessert shop is popular with young people, the market is high intensity of consumption, business unpopular to. Many newcomers to see also very heart, how to open a dessert shop? What are the necessary steps? The next Xiaobian for you briefly, I hope you can help the success of the nuggets.

A, qualitative only to give yourself a clear positioning, in order to concentrate more to the dessert shop, East West a hammer can not stick.

two, two local store location is the best choice: one is the company office in more places, two residents living in populated areas. Choose more office space in the company, you can guarantee the business at noon. Some dessert shops often appear too much at noon, but not enough to sit in the evening. Very concerned about the business can do at noon. This will ensure a healthy operation of the day.

three, shop decoration in determining the location and store, can be decorated. Consumer demand is rising, the store environment in the store has become increasingly high position, a good environment, and sometimes can become a key factor in the success or failure of the shop. How the store environment, does not mean that the more investment the better, more in the design.

four, 1 custom equipment including kitchen kitchen equipment three large and small items: appliances (mainly refrigerators, ovens, cooker and Taiwan). 2 small items mainly refers to hardware: stainless steel bowl, cutting board, spatula etc.. 3 for customers to go: ceramics market and specialty stores can go.

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